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Volunteer and Trekking in Nepal

Volunteer and trekking in Nepal is a travel and work model package in which you are doing volunteering in Nepal's school, community, local farms, health posts, hospitals and organizations.

This is the opportunity for you to explore the new things with social works that leaves the position vibration and footprints to the society where you travel.

Nepal, the world's most beautiful country is rich in natural and cultural resources but poor in economy. There are many people who die due to hunger, lack of health education and sanitation.

Volunteer and trekking in Nepal package gives you a pleasure of social work and adventure also. This is an unique experience in Nepal and you will have a good feeling to know the new culture, lifestyle and places of Nepal where your projects are set.

There are many NGO's and INGO's working for the welfare of the society and they openly welcome volunteers throughout the world to join them. So, this is a positive message to the world to help others in need.

So, are you interested in Voluntourism, join Trekking Buzz Team. Trekking Buzz team collborates with other NGO's and INGO's to undertake the volunteering works in the remote villages of Nepal.

Know how can you help
Volunteering in School
Teaching English in School
Teaching English in Monasteries
Taking part in social works and construction
Local farm house
Hospitals and health posts

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