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Double amputee Chinese climber summited Mt Everest

Xia Boyu Chinese Mountain Climber

Mr. Xia Boyu, a double amputee Chinese climber, has scaled Mount Everest on Monday. He set a record of becoming the first person to climb the world's highest mountain peak without legs from Nepal side.
 He became successful to summit the Mount Everest on his fifth attempt.

In 1975, he was headed up the mountain with a Chinese national mountaineering team. But they didn't get success due to bad weather at an altitude of 8600m. The bad weather made worse for Xia resulting amputation of his feet.

Twenty years later, both of his legs would be amputated, too, after he developed lymphoma, a rare form of blood cancer.

But this didn't stop him from trying to climb Mount Everest and finally he reached the top of the world on Monday.

According to Nepal Government record, he is the second double leg amputee to climb the Mount Everest. Mark Joseph Inglis of New Zealand is the first double leg amputee to summit the world’s tallest peak from the Chinese side. He accomplished the feat on May 15, 2006 after 40 days of climbing.

A Nepali-born Canadian, Sudarshan Gautam, is the first double arm amputee to climb the world’s highest mountain. He did it on May 20, 2013.

In December 2017, Nepal government has banned double amputees and blind people from climbing mountains. But this new rules was criticized by the disability rights organizations. Three months later, Nepal's high court overturned the ban on double amputee and blind climbers, agreeing that it discriminated against disabled people.

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