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Happy New Year 2076

Happy New Year 2075

According to the Lunar Calender, every Baisakh first is celebrated as the New Year day and starting from this day, there is New Year. In Nepali, new year is called as Nava Barsha in Nepali language and observed as an official holiday. Nepal Government has given a day public holiday on this day in 2075. New year generally falls during the second week of april every year. During the day, people celebrate by gathering, going out for picnics, shopping, family outing and taking part in events. Exchange of gifts and greetings cards is common during New Year in Nepal.

When is New Year in Nepal in 2019
New Year day in Nepal in 2019 is on Saturday, Baisakh 1st 2076 (April 14 2019), New Year eve is on April 13 (Chaitra 31st 2075)

Nepali New Year in 2020
Nepali New year's day in 2020 is on Sunday April 14, 2020.

Happy New Year 2075

Festivals and Events in New Year

Bisket Jatra
Sindoor Jatra
Bode Jatra

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