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Buddha Jayanti - Celebrating Lord Buddha's Birthday in Nepal

Buddha Jayanti 2018

Buddha Jayanti is the annual festival celebrated by the Buddhists and Hindus held in may (in April in 2018 on 30th). Pilgrims come to Nepal on the full moon day of Baisakh according to Lunar calendar. This is a significant festival for Buddhists that falls on the birth day of Lord Gautam Buddha.

There is a great event in Lumbini - The birthplace of the then Prince Siddhartha Gautam (also known as Buddha). According to the legend, Gautam Buddha was born on full moon day in Buddha Garden near a pond. The newly born prince Siddhartha walked 7 steps. Queen maya Devi died on seven days after giving birth to Siddhartha and now there is an idol of her at the site.

Buddha Purnima 2018

Buddha Purnima is being celebrated on 30th April, 2018 this year ie on 17th Baisakh, 2075.

Buddha Jayanti Celebration Pictures

Boudhanath at Buddha Jayanti

Maya Devi Temple at Buddha Jayanti

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