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Public Holidays in Nepal in 2076

Public Holidays in Nepal 2076

Are you looking for public holidays in Nepal in 2076 Bs or 2019/2020 AD, here are the lists of holidays. The dates may be changed or modified as prior of official changes announced so please check back to our website regularly for more updates.

Month: Baisakh/April

1st Baisakh (14th April): Nepali Happy New Year
11th Baisakh (24th April): Loktantra Diwas
17th Baisakh (30th April): Buddha Jayanti
18th Baisakh (1st May): Majdur Diwas (International Labour Day)

Month: Jestha/May

15th Jestha (29th May): Ganatrantra Diwas

Month: Aashad/June

1st Aashad (15th June): Ramjan Edul Fikra

Month: Bhadra/August and September

10th Bhadra (26th August): Rakshya Bandan (Janai Purnima)
18th Bhadra (3rd September): Srikrishna Janmashtami
27th Bhadra (12th September): Hartalika Teej
29th Bhadra (14th September): Rishi Panchami

Month: Aaswin/September and October

3rd Aaswin (19th September): Constitution Day
23rd Aaswin (9th October): Ghatasthapana
30th Aaswin (16th October): Fulpati
31st Aaswin (17th October): Maha Ashtami

The month of Aswin is the month of Dashain Festival, the greatest festival of Nepali Hindu people and is celebrated all over the world. It is the longest and biggest festival of the year 2076. During the festival, goddess Durga is worshiped for 10 days. The first day of Dashain is called as Ghatasthapana, 7th day is called as Fulpati, 8th day is called as Ashtami, 9th day is called as Maha Navami and 10th day is Vijay Dashami. On the 10th day, people receive tika and jamara from the eldest person of the family. The 15th day is celebrated as Kojagrat purnima and Dashain festival ends. This year, Dashain festival is started in Aswin and ends in Kartik.

Month: Kartik/ October and November

1st Kartik (18th October): Maha Navami
2nd Kartik (19th October): Vijaya Dashami
6th Kartik (23rd October): Kojagrat Purnima
21st Kartik (7th November): Laxmi Puja
22nd Kartik (8th November): Govardhan Puja
23rd Kartik (9th November): Bhai Tika
27th Kartik (13th November): Chhath Puja

This year, in Kartik, there are three major festivals Vijay Dashami (few days), Tihar festival and Chhat puja. Dashain and Tihar are the biggest festival of Hindus. Tihar festival also called as Festival of Light is celebrated for 5 days and every day has its significant meaning of celebration. First day is celebrated as Crow (Kag) Tihar and Kag is worshiped during this day offering the sweet things. Second day is celebrated is Dog (kukur) Tihar and dogs are offered tika and foods. Third day is celebrated as Cow (Gai) Tihar and Laxmi puja. During this day, cow is worshiped  offering the food and tika. At evening, the Goddess of Wealth (Laxmi) is worshiped with special puja. During this days, Laxmi puja is celebrated with great importance. The offices, houses, industries are bright with different colorful lights and Rangoli. The fourth day is called as Govardhan puja or Oxen puja. During this day, oxen are worshiped. The last day is called as Bhai Tika. It has great importance in culture of Nepalese. During this day, sisters worship their brothers for their long and happy life. The put the different 7 colors on the forehead of their brothers and offer the foods. Similarly, in the month of Kartik, there is another great festival called as Chhath Puja. During the festival, God sun is worshiped specially by woman.

Month: Poush/December

7th Poush (22th December): Udhauli Parva
10th Poush (25th December): Christmas Day
15th Poush (30th December): Tamu Losar

Month Magh/January/February

1st Magh (11th Jan): Maghe Sakranti
16th Magh (30th Jan): Martyrs' Day
22nd Magh (5th Feb): Sonam Lhosar

Month Falgun/February/March

7th Falgun (19th Feb): Democracy Day
20th Falgun (4th March): Maha Shivaratri
23rd Falgun (7th March): Galpo Lhosar
24th Falgun (8th March): International Woman's Day

Note: The Government of Nepal has cut off some holidays which we mentioned above. Please read here for details >>>.

Public Holidays in 2018/2075

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