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Want an escape from your monotonous lifestyle, visit Nawalparasi

Nawalparasi Tour Packages

Work, work and work, it is the life that we have in urban areas. To get rid from the daily expenses of the family, we need to work all the time even we are on a private time. Most of the people in urban areas want to have a break in their monotonous lifestyle and enjoy a few days in the nature, village and the place where there is peace. Some people also love adventure at least once in a year. But, we don't know where to go? and how to go?

So, get, set and travel to this place where you can at least spend your private time with your families, friends or colleagues enjoying the nature, wildlife and the village fresh air. Let's get started and travel to Nawalparasi. We made our plan to visit Nawalparsi for the week break but where to visit and how to go? This might be another question making tin tin in your mind. Be cool, here in this blog article, we are trying to make you easy on planning your holidays.

First of all we want to introduce you about Nawalparsi disctrict. Here are some questions that you make you easy knowing this beautiful district. Here we go.
Where is Nawalparasi?
Nawalparasi is one of the 75 districts of then Nepal, but now it has been divided into two parts, one belonging to province Number 4, the eastern part of Susta and another to province number 5, the western part of Susta. It is the district belonging the mid point of east-west highway Mahendra Highway acrossed through the Terai region of Nepal.

What are the best places to visit in Nawalparasi?
Well, talking about the best places, the district has some popular pilgrimage sites like Maulakalika Mandir, Daaune Devi Mandir, hillside Devchuli and Amaltari Ghat for wildlife adventure and water sports.

What are the most popular activities that can be done for holidays?
You can visit the pilgrimage sites for spiritual and peace. It take about 3-4 hours to reach, perform puja and return back to Maulakalika Mandir. You can also visit CG Shashwat Dham to enjoy the religious and spiritual peace. If you love trekking and hiking, you can hike to Devchuli Hill - the highest hill in Nawalparasi. Also you can enjoy local tharu villlage tour, Tharu cultural dance show, water sports and jungle safari (Chitwan National Park) at Amaltari Ghat, Kawasoti Municipality. Also Visit >>> Best Things to do in Nawalparasi

How to Get in Nawalparasi?
Nawalparasi is 200 km away from Kathmandu, it takes about 6 hours by Bus, 6 hours by car/Jeep and cost NRs 500 by bus. Optional: you can fly from Kathmandu to Bharatpur airport and take a local bus to Nawalparasi.

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