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Ghode Jatra - The Festival of Horses in Nepal

Ghode Jatra Festival in Nepal
Ghode Jatra Festival in Nepal
The festival of Horses called as Ghode Jatra is celebrated in March (Spring Season) in Nepal usually at army ground, Tundikhel, Central Kathmandu every year. As Nepal has been famous as the land of festivals, this kind of festival enhances the Nepalese culture and traditions as well helps in preserving them for our childrens. The Nepal Government gives one day holiday on the occasion of the festival. Nepal has many festivals of animals like Gai(Cow) Tihar, Kukur(Dog) Tihar, Govardan (OXen) Puja, Kag (Crow) Tihar and many more on which the respective animals are worshipped. Recently Nepal banned the biggest animal slaughter festival called Gadhimai Festival in Nepal and still there are many festival on which the animals are still being slaughtered. The Ghode Jatra, Horse racing festival falls on the Nepali month of Chiatra and is the oldest festival celebrated in Kathmandu Valley. Nepal Army performs a special program on the day with various skills and stunts.

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