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5 Tips For Cheap Trekking in The Himalayas

Cheap Trekking in Nepal

Are you a budget traveler and looking for cheap trekking holiday packages in Nepal? this blog post may help you planning your trip in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal Himalayas is not expensive as much as you think. You can minimize the cost of trekking, if you avoid luxury things that you can compromise for. You can even save your money if you apply some smart tips here for you.

#1 Stay in a Budget/Tourist standard hotel in Kathmandu
There are many budget hotels in Thamel, Kathmandu that have minimum hotel amenities of 24 hour hot/cold shower, free wifi and attached bathrooms. These hotels room will cost around USD $8 to USD $10 in average (peak season and off season). If you go outside of the Thamel, just 20 minutes far, you can find the guest house or homestay cheaper than that of Thamel hotels. But, you need to share the bathroom and there may not be 24 hour hot/cold shower. If you are traveling in a group, the cost may be somewhat less.

#2 Hire a Trekking Gear
When planning a trekking trip to Himalaya, you need to pack as much light as you can. Simply, take the things that really needed for trekking in Nepal. So, you don't need a lot of gears for trekking and hiking. Just pack some cloths (check for trekking season and weather), boots and a backpack which are really needed. If you are traveling in a budget, hiring a trekking gear is a good option for you. In Nepal, renting a trekking gear (Kathmandu/Pokhara) is easy. Check out our blog about Trekking Gear in detail.

#3 Light and cheap Trekking Food
If you are thinking of cheap food in the Himalayas, bring some of it yourself. The food in Himalayas is expensive in comparison of Kathmandu or Pokhara. There might not be supermarkets and cheap shops as in Kathmandu. So, carry some chocolate bars, cereals, muesli, instant noodles, biscuits, dried fruits and powder milk, coffee. These things are light and easy to carry with you on your backpack.

#4 Independent Trekking in Himalaya
Hiking a guide instantly is a good idea to minimize your trekking cost in Nepal. If you go on package from the Trekking agencies, the cost may be high. So, to save your money, hire a trekking guide and porter by yourself. Another best way to save your money is to hike alone without a guide, for this you need to take a trekking map and there are everything on online or take a help of Trekking in Nepal Apps. But trekking in Nepal Himalayas without a guide is strictly prohibited by Nepal Tourism Board and Nepal Government.

#5 Find Cheap Air Tickets to Kathmandu and from Kathmandu
The cost of trekking will be high, when the air ticket fare is high so if you have much time then find the cheap air tickets online that you may get instantly in a last-minute deals.

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