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How to plan a day trip from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp

Kathmandu Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Is it possible to reach Everest Base camp from Kathmandu in a day? this is the frequently asked questions by the travelers who do not have much time for trekking but want to go up to the foothills of Mount Everest. It is possible by helicopter which takes 3 hours to complete the Kathmandu - Everest Base Camp - Kathmandu circuit trip. Actually, helicopter takes you to the Gorekshep, a nearest point of Everest Base camp and thereafter you can take a short trek to EBC. This may be a little bit expensive to you but you will feel an awesome experience of luxury Everest Base Camp helicopter tour without trekking. Details of Kathmandu Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour has been already published in our previous blog post, here is the link. Price may differ from companies to companies but normal cost for Everest Base camp helicopter tour 2019/20 will start by $1100 per person. Contact the best travel and trekking companies for the Everest helicopter service.

Option: If you are looking for cheap flight to Everest, you can do Everest Flight tour by planes (Buddha, Yeti and Simrik). In one hour flight tour, you can view the glorious mountains at a closeup but can't touch them by hand. This is also a luxury trip to Himalayas just for witnessing the world's highest mountain peaks through your eyes. Mountain flight cost is $206 by Buddha airlines.

If you are looking for trekking from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp 2019/20, visit our blog article.

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