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Naag Panchami - The Festival of Snakes

Nag Panchami Poster

Naag panchami is the festival of snakes widely celebrated by Hindus all over the world. In this day, nags are worshiped with the flower, tika and milk. The festival falls on the fifth day of the no-moon day (Aunshi) in Shrawan in Nepal.

Mainly, this festival is celebrated in Nepal and india on the day of Shrwan Shukla Panchami according to lunar calender. This year 2075/2018, naag panchami is observing on Friday, 28th july. Nag panchami falls on Monsoon Season.

What is Nag?
Nag are deity snakes as worshiped since long time according to the Hindu myth. On this day Nag, cobras and snakes are worshiped with milk, sweets, flowers, burning lamps and tika on the posters of nag deities. There is a special mantra for worshiping Naag panchami.

How is nag Panchami celebrated in Nepal?
On the nag panchami, Hindus first take a holy bath at morning, post the pictures of nags above the doors of their homes and offer milk, lava, sweets, flowers. The poster of nag is stuck with cow dung.

People make cotton garland, use cow dung and rice flour as the snake form and worship it with cow's milk, lava, barley, sesame, nuts and flowers. According to Hindu myth, it is believed that proper celebration of nags will protect us from the bad evil and bless with good health, wealth during our lifetime.

Nag Panchami Mantra 2018

अनन्तं वासुकिं शेषं पद्मनाभं कम्बलम्

 शंखपालं धार्तराष्ट्रं तक्षकं कालियं तथा ।।
एतानि नवनामानी नगनां च महत्मनाम् ।
सायंकाले पठेन्नित्यं प्रात:काले विशेषत:।।
तस्मै विषभयं नास्ति सर्वत्र विजयी भवत् ।।

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