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Monsoon in Nepal

Monsoon in Nepal

The wet month July is on the floor in Nepal causing rainfall. During the monsoon months June, July and August to mid of the September, Nepal receives rainfall and everywhere there is greenery as this is the time for rice cultivation throughout the nation.

During July, Nepali farmers are busy on their fields cultivating paddy seedlings all over the nation. Monsoon season is not considered as good for trekking in Nepal. During this time, the roads are obstructed due to landslides, floods and there will be risk of leeches on the trekking route to Himalayas. So, the number of tourist goes down during this season.

If you are planning for holidays, Nepal always welcomes you. Visiting in Nepal is favorable all the time in a year. During monsoon season, you can trek to Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, Nar Phu valley. These trekking destinations lies in rain-shadow areas and receive less rainfall as compared to other region.

If you are planning for Kailash Mansarovar yatra, this is the right time for Kailash parikrama tour. You can join a group for Nepaljung - Hilsa - Kailash helicopter tour or you can go Kathmandu Lhasa Kailash Tour. Since the Gorkha earthquake in 2015, the road trip is not opened in Nepal and it is expected to open by 2018. Kailash Mansarovar yatra by overland (Jeep, Bus) will be operated in 2018 (most probably).

If you are nature lover, you can visit the National Parks, wildlife reserve of Nepal for bird watching, wild animal activities and nature walk in Kathmandu, bardia, chitwan national park and koshi tappu wildlife reserve.

When is the Monsoon Season in Nepal?

Monsoon season generally starts from mid of the June and continues to July and August. But nowadays, due to the climatic changes, rain may delay during the very beginning of the months June and July. Sometimes, it may occur with the light rains that lasts all the day or heavy downpours that last in a couple of hours.

The weather changes according to the rain in Nepal. Usually Kathmandu receives frequent monsoon rain with the climate down up to 13-15 while it may be hot and humid in terai regions like Lumbini and Chitwan. Pokhara is another city that gets frequent rainfall during monsoon.

In mountain area, rainfall will be consistent depending on altitudes. The views are excellent just after the monsoon stops with the clear skies in mountain area. But, it is difficult to predict the weather condition of Nepal during monsoon.

Get yourself ready for the safety measures if you are traveling to Nepal or trekking to Himalayas.

How to take care when traveling in Nepal in monsoon season
  • Carry the rainproof gears
  • Trek with a guide
  • Communication with the locals
  • Bring waterproof bags
  • Be patient and listen to your guide

These are some safety measures that you must be aware yourself.

What is the Climate like in Monsoon in Nepal?

Rainfall occurs in Nepal when the monsoon wind blows high from the Bay of Bengal. Monsoon wind is the cause of monsoon climate in Nepal.

What it's like to travel during monsoon in Nepal?

Traveling in a Bus

Use the recommended tourist buses/private car instead of local buses. If you are traveling to Chitwan or Pokhara, make sure about the obstacles of the road or consult your travel and trekking agency. Sometimes, the roads may swept away or get stuck due to landslide on the route to these places. Travel in day time, taking a bus in night time is not highly advised as monsoon rains may be high during the nights and road may get stacked.

Flights during monsoon season

The flights are often cancelled or delayed during the monsoon season in Nepal. Always try to get a fist flight. Stay in communication with the airlines or your travel agency to get the proper information of your flight schedule.

Accommodation during monsoon season

Stay in a good hotels, home-stays and tea houses during your traveling in Nepal in monsoon season.

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