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Monsoon Festivals - The Popular Festivals of Nepal

Nepal Monsoon Festivals

Nepal is popular for natural beauties, Himalayas and amazing landscapes, no doubt but do you think the culture, traditions and festivals are the reasons why thousand of people visit Nepal every year. Yes, Nepal is a country with multi-lingual, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural community who have almost every day a festival. If you are traveling in Nepal and witness or have the opportunity to witness the Nepalese culture, you will get amused. You will experience a different culture and traditions of different communities and the festivals are a part of exchanging the happiness, joy and feelings.

Since a long, Nepal has been practicing the different cultural events and if you are traveling Nepal in monsoon, sure you will enjoy the Nepalese festival along with your travel plan. Here are the list of Nepali festivals that you will witness during your visit in Nepal.

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