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Janai Purnima 2077 in Nepal - The Festival of Sacred Thread

Janai Purnima
Sacred Worn

Janai Purnima, widely known as Rakshya Bandan or Janai Ferne din is celebrated on 15th August 2020 ie this year. This festival falls on the month of Shrawan and celebrated by Hindus all over the world.

During the festival, Hindu men change their Janai (sacred thread) once in a year on the Janai Purnima and other people tie sacred thread around their wrists.

On Janai Purnima, there will be a big mela at Kumbeshwor in Latipur known as Kumbeshwor mela.

Kumbheshwor mela patan
Kumbheshwor mela patan

Newars in Nepal celebrate it as Kwati Punhi whereas Indian celebrate as Rashi or Raksha bandan.

What is Janai

Janai Sacred Thread
Janai Sacred Thread Pic: Kathmandupost


Janai is the cotton thread worn across the chest by Hindu men. It is given to the Hindu males during a religious ceremony called Bratabandhan by the Guru with the sacred mantra.

Janai Purnima and Gosainkunda Trekking

Gosainkunda Lake Janai Purnima festival
Gosainkunda Lake Janai Purnima mela


Many pilgrims hike or trek to Langtang Gosaikunda for sacred bathing at the pond on Janai Purnima. This year two trekking routes are being brought into full operation for the pilgrims and tourists who want to hike to Gosainkunda during Janai Purnima. The suggested routes are Kathmandu Sundarijal and Nuwakot Samundaratar. These routes is being brought into full operation with the necessary preparations.

Sundarijal - Gosainkuda Trekking Route
On the sundarijal gosaikunda trekking route, hikers will trace the Chisapani, Kutungsang, Bhaninagoth, Chaharepati, Ghopteveeer, Suryakunda from where trekkers have to descend to Gosaikunda. This route is in operation already in the past.

Kharanitar Gosaikunda Trekking Route
This trekking route will pass through kharanitar, samundratar, Ramati, Gyangphedi, Talukseri, Suryakunda to Gosainkuna.

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