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Ropain – The Rice Planting Festival in Nepal

National Paddy Day

Nepal is the land of Himalayas is well known for adventure holidays like trekking, climbing and expeditions but do you know, you can experience a difference while traveling in Nepal in june/july. Yes, with the end of spring trekking and adventure season, monsoon has started pouring the rainfall in Nepal. Someday, rainfall starts raining with the storm and hailstone, that bring the miserable situation while traveling in Nepal. Monsoon in Nepal is the off-season with less number of tourists in the city, trekking routes and popular travel destinations like Pokhara, Kathmandu, Chitwan and Lumbini.

 During the monsoon in Nepal, Nepali farmers are busy in their fields preparing and planting the paddy and the every Asadh 15 according to Nepali calendar is celebrated as the Paddy Day or Dhan Diwas marking of planting new rice seedlings in the fields. Rice is one of the major food in Nepal and even in south Asia. This day is also considered as the day for growing quintals by planting kilos. The day is like the festival as there are many programs conducted by the Nepal Government and NGOs.

On this day, people eat delicious Curd and flattened rice also known as Dahi Chiura as the snacks during the working in the field. People are busy on planting rice seeds, playing with mud and water, singing the Asare songs and grouping for special feasts. You can join the rice plantation program where you can share your cultural experience and happiness with smiley Nepalese people.

Volunteering in Nepal

This kind of programs enhances the agricultural tourism in Nepal and volunteers who want to volunteer in remote villages of Nepal can join rice plantation programs.

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  1. I didn't even know this festival existed, but it's just made me want to visit Nepal a whole lot more!


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