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10 Things Not To Miss While Trekking in Nepal

Madi River

1. Magnificent Mountain views:
Nepal being a Himalayan country, the magnificent views of Himalayan ranges is seen even in the short and medium treks. The world’s greatest mountain ranges can be viewed in the short trekking distance from Kathmandu and Pokhara at the classical viewpoints like Nagarkot and Sarangkot. So, you better not miss it. In long treks you get to reach at the base of those enormous mountains and experience its beauty and greatness.

2.    Sunrise:
The enormous beauty when the first ray of sun strikes the mountains and evolving sunrise through the hills cannot be explained in words. Many people go the classical viewpoints near Kathmandu and Pokhara to experience the sunrise. So, do not miss it while trekking in Nepal. Early morning trek of 2-3 hours can reach to the viewpoint with the tantalizing view if sunlight.

3.    Art and Culture:
Experiencing the ancient art and culture can be an important aspect of your trek. Trek in Nepal is full of Hindu and Buddhist art and culture which have great historical and religious importance. Most of the trek in northern Nepal is full of ethnic Tibetan culture with lots of monasteries where you can rest and meditate during the trek. 

4.    Lifestyle of People:
Nepalese are poor but very hardworking people. During the trek you encounter typical Nepalese village. You can observe the day to day lifestyle of people .What do they do for living. You can also observe the unique culture and tradition of people. Homestay programs—which is available in most of the treks, helps a lot in understanding lifestyle of people.

5.    Local Dishes:
The widely taken food in Nepal is rice and roti with daal and vegetables and many local veg and non-veg dishes. Moreover different villages have something unique variety ofdishes to offer. So, do not limit yourself to the western food during your trek. Delicious nepali dishes are there in your way. Grab it!

6.    Homestay:
In lots of the trek in Nepal there are homestay programs in which you eat and stay in the house of local people during your trek. This type of programs helps you to have the opportunity to experience the new lifestyle, new types of dishes and moreover you can observe the socio-economic and cultural aspect of Nepalese society.

7.    Biodiversity— Plants:
Nepal has a unique biodiversity unforgettable for every nature lovers. Magnificent landscapes and the juniper and rhododendron forest on the way make your trek more valuable. Different species of trees as you ascend in the dense forest can be one hell of an experience. If you are interested in botany Nepalese forest consist of a lot of rare medicinal herbs which you may encounter during your trek.

8.    Biodiversity—Animals:
As Nepal is Himalayan country rich in biodiversity, lots of the rare Himalayan animals can be encountered during your trek. Do not expect that level of biodiversity in animals in short treks. But in the long and rarer type of trek you may encounter with the various Musk deer, Blue sheep, and Red panda and if you are lucky enough you may also encounter the tracks of snow leopard on your way.

9.    Paragliding:
If you are searching for more adventure than paragliding can be the best option. You can trek all the way to the top and glide down through paragliding. This can give you a new experience and lot easier than walking all the way down. But the facility is not available everywhere. It is available in Godhawari and some hills of Kathmandu valley as well as Sharankot and some hills of Pokhara valley.

10.    Festivals and Ceremonies:
Nepalese have a lot of festivals which differ according to the ethnicity and society. Generally Nepalese culture and festivals have certain level of uniqueness in it which you cannot find anywhere else. The various ceremonies like marriage are also very unique and different. So you might as well experience some level of uniqueness from our festival and ceremonies. For this you can consult your guide about it or do some research man!

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