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Top 4 Things To Do In Nepal (Other Than Trekking!)

Nepal is the great adventure destination in the world for trekking, mountaineering and adventure sports like Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, White Water River Rafting, Zip Flyer, Jungle Safari, Peak Climbing, Rock Climbing, Hiking and many more. But do you think, it's a popular country in the world other than trekking. This tiny Himalayan landlocked country has the mighty Himalayas that stands above 8,000m and has 8 out of 14 highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest - the top of the world. But there are many places that are popular for tours and sightseeing, cultural and nature walk.

If you are not trekking to Himalayas and seeking for the peace and pleasure places, Nepal offers a lot for you. You may walk to nature trail, witness the sunrise and sunset, walk to ethnic villages and play with the wildlife in the sub-tropical jungle.

Here are some things to do in Nepal other than trekking

1. Explore Kathmandu Valley
Kathmandu Valley Tour

Kathmandu is the oldest beautiful city in the world that you step for the first time during your visit to Nepal. It is one of the top cities in the Asia even in the world. In Kathmandu valley, you will be exploring Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur cities rich in culture and heritage. Among the 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 7 are here.

2. Witness Sunrise and Sunset in Nagarkot
Nagarkot Sunrise and Sunset Tour

Nagarkot is the most popular hiking spot from where you can have the wonderful sunrise and sunset views over the majestic Himalayan ranges. Availability of top star hotels, Nagarkot is getting popularity among the national and international tourists nowadays.

3. Relaxing in Pokhara
Pokhara Tour

Pokhara is the dream city for nature and adventure lovers throughout the world as it offers all kinds of adventure activities like trekking, hiking, bungee jumping, paragliding, zip flying and many more. Few day away from the dusty and bustling city Kathmandu, pokhara is the right destination for relaxing. The abundance of beautiful lakes and green sceneries with the panoramic views of Mt. Annapurna rages, pokhara gives peace and calm environment to the visitors. You can find the world's best luxury hotels and resort in and around Pokhara valley where you can have a homely environment to spend some nights.

4. Play with Elephant or Explore Chitwan National Park
Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari

Famous for endangered one horned rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal Tiger, Chitwan National Park is the oldest and most popular national park of Nepal. The park is being protected and conserved since it got included in World Heritage Site in 1984 and since then the flow of national and international tourist is increasing to explore the flora and faunas, enjoy the beautiful sunset views, witness local Tharu Culture and villages.

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