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Dal Bhat Power 24 Hour

Nepali Food Dhal Bhat
"Dal Bhat" (Lentil, Rice and Curry) is a traditional and typical Nepali meal which is popular in Nepal, India and Bangladesh. It is the mixture of well cooked lentil soup called dal, steamed rice (bhat) and cooked vegetable (tarkari). And a popular proverb we would like to share here " Dal Bhat Power!! Twenty-Four Hour!!". When you are in Nepal, you will eating dal bhat each and every two times a day. So, you will have an amazing experience of food in Nepal.

While you are on trekking tours to Himalayas, the tea houses provide you dal bhat each day which gives you strength for a long hiking day.

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  1. With eight of the top 14 highest mountain peaks in the world, Trekking is the most popular adventure holiday activity in Nepal. Most of the beautiful landscapes of the Himalayan region are only reachable on foot, trekking in Nepal is one of the unique experinces in the World.


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