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National Paddy Day - Asar 15 Rice Plantation Festival of Nepal

National Paddy Day is celebrated in Nepal as the planting of paddy (rice) by the farmers of Nepal. Also known as Dhanropai, ropai diwas, asar pandra (15), Nepal has been celebrating the Asar 15 (june 29) as the National Paddy Day since 2005.

The day is celebrated by planing seedlings, eating curd and beaten rice (Dahi ra Chiura) and singing asare bhaka/songs (local folk songs) and the Government of Nepal is encouraging Nepalese farmers to increase the productivity on rice and growing dependency on import of food crops every passing year.

Rice is the main crop in Nepal as about 75% of people are depend on farming.

As the monsoon season starts, rice plantation begins in Nepal. Depending upon the soil fertility, availability of water and fertilizers, rice plantation starts from the first week of Asar to Shrawan month. The Government, Agencies and farmers celebrate Asar 15 as the Rastriya Dhan Diwas (National Rice Plantation Day) organizing the agricultural programs and planting rice in the fields.

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