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Tiji Festival in Upper Mustang You should not miss while you are in Nepal

Tiji Festival 2019 in Upper Mustang
Tiji Festival Celebration in Lomangthang

Tiji festival also known as 'The Chasing of the Demons' is a three day long cultural event in Upper Mustang (Lo-Manthang) that falls on May (mid of 2019). This is a legendary festival celebrated in Lo-manthang as believed that takes place at the end of the dry season (late spring) and the beginning of the monsoon season. There is a historical reason on celebrating this festival is that Dorje Sonam got victory over his demon father to save the Kingdom of Lo from destruction. What happened was this: the father, who had a nasty streak, once wreaked havoc by creating an acute shortage of water in the area. Since Mustang is an arid region, it is understandable that such an act was a most devilish one. It was up to the son, Dorje Sonam, to overcome his father’s actions by going into battle against him. He manages to be one up on his father, and after defeating him, banishes the evil man from the land.

This is the most important and significant festival celebrated in Upper Mustang that the travelers should not miss while they are trekking to Upper Mustang.

What is Tiji Festival?

Tiji literally means Prayer for World Peace is a annual three day long festival celebrated in Lo-Manthang. The festival is a story about a son who save the Mustang kindom from destruction. According to myth, Dorjee Sonnu got victory over a demon called Man Tam Ru, a vicious creature feeding on human beings and causing storms and droughts. The festival is popularly known as "Chasing of the Demons", according to the Tiji Myth.

This historical festival takes place around the mid may which lasts for 3 days. The festival dances are all organized by the Choedhe Monastery. During the ritual dances the harassment of Ma Tam Ru Ta (in a dance called "Tsa Chham" on the first day), the birth of Dorjee Sonnu as the demon's son (on the second day called "Nga Chham") and the attempt to return the demon to Lord Buddha's realm (on the third and final day) are enacted during the performances.

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Tiji Festival 2019 dates/When and where is the Tiji Festival in 2019?

Date for Tiji festival 2019 in Mustang Lo-Manthang will be on mid of may 2019. Visit Tiji Festival Trekking Itinerary >>>

Places to Visit

Mustang is a remote village influenced by Tibetan culture and languages.

If you traveling Nepal and want to explore the hidden treasure of culture and nature, go trekking to Upper Mustang, witness the greatest Tibetan festival Tiji Festival 2019 join a group in May with Nepal Trekking Agencies.

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