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Nepal Hopes for Tourism Back

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is back on tourism a year after the 7.8 magnitude Gorkha earthquake hit Nepal resulting the death of 9,000 people and about 23,000 injured. Still there are some small aftershocks occasionally occurring in Nepal and the reconstruction work is still to do but there is a small hope of bringing back of tourism as usual this season.

Many people became homeless and still taking shelter in tents, there are many socio-economic problems but we are praying for sustainable tourism in Nepal. The industry that holds the national revenue just after agriculture, gives about 1 lakh direct/indirect employment, is just reviving after one year.

Nepal is chanting "Safe, Visit, Enjoy and Help" manta to bring back tourists to this tiny Himalayan country. Travel agencies of Nepal is hoping to welcome the tourist by this autumn season as Nepal is now safe to travel and trekking.

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