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Monsoon Trekking in Nepal 2019 Updated

Monsoon Season Trekking in Nepal

Planning for Nepal Trekking in Monsoon in 2019? You are welcome to Nepal for your holidays. In general, most of the trekking agencies in Kathmandu and Pokhara do not recommend trekking in Monsoon season as the months started from June to August are the months of heavy rainfall with the risk of landslide, flood and soil erosion in trekking routes to Himalayas. These months are called off season and even the popular trekking routes receive very less tourists. If you have limited time for holidays and want to explore the Nepal Himalayas, then we welcome you for trekking in Nepal. But you can not trek the high altitude trekking destinations.

Best Monsoon Treks in Nepal

Monsoon season is the best time for trekking to rain shadow areas like Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo and Annapurna Circuit trek is highly recommended during this time. The best part of trekking in monsoon season is the greenery nature, clear sky after rainfall, less crowded trekking routes, low cost accommodation and opportunity to explore the rice plantation and farming.

Starting from June to August, the weather of Nepal is wet and hot welcomed by moist warm air. Most popular trekking trails receive less trekkers and the tea houses are empty as this is not the best time/season for trekking to high Himalayas. Only the rain shadow areas (Dolpo, Dhaulagiri, Upper Mustang) are recommended during this time. If you love landscapes and photography, visit Nepal in Monsoon season. The clear sky after the rain, agricultural activities like rice planting, ploughing takes place whole day and the lifestyle of people is suitable for filming and documentary video.

During the monsoon time, generally the rain fall occurs around 3-4 hours a day or whole day. While you are on a hiking in the forests and lower altitudes, you may see a dense fog and clouds over the valley or hill which reveals the views. Leeches may stuck on your feet and neck sucking blood on your skin.

During the monsoon, start you hiking day early, it only rains in the afternoon. The morning will be clear, if it's rained the night. You may see a weather pattern each day.

The poor visibility during the monsoon time can delay your flights and roads can be too muddy or sometimes blocked by the landslides to the hillside.

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