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Is it possible to visit Nepal during the monsoon months from July to September

Monsoon Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal? or Planning for an adventure holiday to Nepal? let's visit Nepal this year 2018. Recently in Nepal, the first spring season after the massive earthquake on April 25, 2015 has almost finished and the trekking agencies are hoping the tourism back by autumn season 2016. This is the month of may, the last month of the spring season 2016 and if you are still looking for some days adventure holidays, let's visit Nepal Himalayas. Still trekking to Himalayas is possible before the monsoon season starts.

Monsoon season that starts rightly from July to August is not so much recommended for trekking to high passes and altitude trekking in Nepal because of geographical barrier and during the monsoon season, there are chances of flood, landslide and soil erosion in mountains. But if you have a question in you mind that Is it possible to trek Nepal during the monsoon months from July to August (may extend to mid September)? This is the question often asked by the travelers who are planning to visit Nepal this year and with regard to this question, we say Yes. As not recommended like the other months from September to November and March to May, there are some trekking trails that you may do during the monsoon season.

Monsoon Trekking in Nepal
Nepal in Monsoon, Pic: Sailing Pelagia

If you are not bound by time and if you have the flexibility with your dates then we recommend to make your holiday plan in Autumn Season (September - October - November 2018) some months later or Spring Season (March - April - May 2019). But if you have the tight schedule on your holidays and want to make it happen by this monsoon season, we heartily welcome you to visit Nepal. Trekking in Monsoon season has both opportunity and challenges in parallel.

During the monsoon/summer season, the weather is hot in lower altitude with the high risk of leeches, snakes and other creepy crawlies around the route. The transport to hilly region is not sometime possible due to heavy rainfall causing landslide, flood and soil erosion which blocks the road. The flights are not regular to Everest Region due to weather condition. But you will have some advantages doing trek during the monsoon season is the less flow of tourist on the popular trekking route as compared to the months of Spring and Autumn seasons.

There are some festivals that are interesting during July to august like Janai Purnima that held special at Gosaikunda lakes. Gosaikunda Lake festival (Mela) is held each year in July/August celebrated by Hindu pilgrims believing to Gosainkunda as the sacred lake. During the monsoon season the rain shadow areas like Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpa are highly recommended. The best thing during the monsoon month is taking part in agro tourism in Nepal. The main rice plantation month is during the June-july-august in Nepal as the Nepalese people celebrate Asar 15 (29 June, 2016 this year), the National Rice Plantation Day. The day has the great significance in Nepal for the plantation of rice paddy during the month of Asar in Nepali and you will have opportunity to take part in this day as the great fun and experience of your life time.

Please get in touch with us if you are planning for trekking to Nepal Himalayas or if you need any information regarding the safety measures, travel guide, itineraries and trekking route updates. We will be happy to see you in this season in Nepal. Happy Monsoon Holidays!!!

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