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Best Itineraries for Autumn Season

Annapurna Trekking in Autumn 2016

Autumn Season is the best season for trekking, adventure and pilgrimage tours and mountaineering with the clear sky and mountain views, pleasant weather and festive environment. After the Earthquake on April 2015, Madhesi strike, the tourism had been paralyzed with the less number of tourist receive. Few traveler and trekkers visited Nepal in Spring 2016 and now the travel and trekking agencies of Nepal are expecting the betterment in tourism business.

Since 2017 New year, the tourism of Nepal has been remarkably uplifting and number of travelers is increasing. But for the rebuild of the nation after massive earthquake, this is not enough.

Nepal Government and Nepal Tourism Board has been announced 2018 as the Nepal Visit Year and some promotional advertisements are going on. So, if you are planning for holidays to Himalayas, visit Nepal in 2018/19. Now the campaign has changed and the Government of Nepal has planned to celebrate 2020 as the Visit Nepal Year.

There are about 1 lakh people involving in tourism directly and indirectly and due to poverty and unemployment, the youths are attracted in tourism field and Nepal has future on tourism. Investments on tourism is growing day by day.

If you are planning for Nepal Holidays and want to go trekking in Himalayas, here we have listed some popular hiking itineraries for this Autumn season that you may like to do.

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